Øyvind Haugan

Partner / Adviser universal design

Øyvind is a key person in Taktila who follows up and brings projects to life. He is responsible for sales, customer follow-up, establishment of new sales channels, assessment of market opportunities and new markets. He is an innovative thinker and has extensive experience with various forms of sales work, and worked with everything from telecommunications and health technology to steam processes in industry. In his spare time, you prefer to meet him when travelling, as a lackey on the farm Julseth Østre or out in nature on skis or bikes.

405 55 001 [email protected]

Marit Kvaal

Seniorkonsulent / rådgiver universell utforming

Marit is a leading figure in the advertising, printing and signage sector with over 30 years’ experience. She is one of few people with extensive knowledge of universal design and the tactile marking of buildings. Marit adopts a very systematic approach to her work. She designs markings and is very knowledgeable about identifying the most optimal solutions for each assignment.

+47 982 09 337 [email protected]

Daniel Flaamo

General manager

Daniel is a born entrepreneur and has previously established and run several companies. He has also worked as a general manager in both signage production and design. He is currently the principal shareholder in Taktila and works on sales, marketing and development. Daniel’s motto is “Everything can be fixed” and he’s at his best when juggling multiple balls.

+ 47 913 12 014 [email protected]

Turid Forbord Flaamo

Product designer / Marketing manager

Turid was one of the founders of Taktila in 2016. She is versatile, creative and practically minded. Her broad experience of complex product design and her insight into technical challenges also make her a vital resource when it comes to visual communication and marketing.

+ 47 922 24 810 [email protected]
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